Learn about the benefits of Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy and my experience with using PEMF.

PEMF therapy has been making “waves” in several biohacking and fitness communities today. It is the therapeutic use of pulsating magnetic fields to improve recovery and reduce inflammation. PEMF has been under active research and development since the 40s, and has been used by extensively by athletes in national and international arenas.

PEMF makes sense as it is a drug-free and non-invasive therapy and has been research proven to provide substantial benefits in performance training such as improved oxygenation, flexibility, stamina, endurance and mental acuity.

PEMF is applied using a PEMF system which usually has 2 components – a coil that generates the PEMFs and a control unit to supply power and for programming. The coils generate magnetic fields that have specific frequency and intensity (measured in Gauss or microTesla). The pulsed magnetic field acts on the cellular level on all the targeted areas within the rang of the coil.

PEMF enhances cellular repair in tissues, bones, joints faster by up to 400% as per NASA research. When used for brain stimulation it has proven to reduce depression. Serotonin levels rise and depression melts away, this points to healing of hormonal functions critical to healthy living and performance.

PEMF therapy improves the oxygen-carrying capacity of the cells itself. With enhanced cellular respiration or oxydative phosphorilation including the Krebs cycle, enzymes known to be associated with oxygen metabolism provide more energy with less reactive oxygen species (ROS). PEMF therapy substantially enhances recovery from sports injuries and also improves muscle recovery and bone health.

PEMF therapy for athletic performance enhancement

PEMF therapy for athletic performance enhancement is effective and safe. If you hadn’t heard about it yet, be assured that players will hardly share it once they know what it’s capable of for competitive reasons. In today’s date, most competitive sports are also about mental and physical supremacy of the players. Just like in auto racing,  the pit team and engineering team pool their knowledge, skills and experience to make the team win, professional sports players and athletes need to work with their sports physiotherapists, chiropractors, nutritionists and even psychiatrists to deliver performance.

PEMF for Athletic development can potentially provide substantial gains in strength and stamina. You’ll get more days to train and it’s even possible to find emergency recovery with high-intensity PEMF use. It would be beneficial to have a personal PEMF device for daily application. Personal PEMF mats can be used during sleep hours for improving recovery for athletes and also a quick session before or after training or game would help boost muscle performance.

Sports science journals world-over are beginning to realize the true potential of PEMF therapy and its natural to us that its the next evolution in modern healthcare and rehabilitation. Everyone needs a personal PEMF device, they just don’t know it yet!

My PEMF experience

Currently, the PEMF system I use is the Sedona Pro. It’s an excellent PEMF machine that works for all sorts of pain conditions and sports performance objectives.